We'll guide you through every step along your unique path.

Initial Consultation

Tell us about your vision so we can bring it to life.  This phase focuses on learning what the goals of your training are and ideation.


Just as learning is a transactional process, collaboration and communication are key to establishing a robust plan.  Our instructional design team will work with your subject matter experts to create a learning experience that ensures all learners are successful by applying current best practices.

Content Creation

Our course development team will build learning objects and bring your training to life.  Through the application of powerful authoring tools and instructional technologies, the team will build a rich and engaging experience.



Your course is nearly complete.  Our team will review all materials through a universal design/experience lens and make final adjustments.  We will also make adjustments to comply with accessibility requirements. Equally important, though, is ensuring that the experience is representative of your brand and meets the goals laid out on the onset.


When the training is delivered, our support team will remain available to all stakeholders -- including learners -- for all forms of support.  We will also work with you to gather insights to make immediate and/or future improvements.

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